2021 Self-Care bundle!

Self Care Cues:


2021 Self-Care BUNDLE!



  • Self care Cues: 12 Month Planner​

  • Self Care Cues: Just Goals! Journal

  • Just Color! Coloring book

  • 3 Just Doodle! premium blank notebooks

Natalie Love Cruz

Cook | Writer | Self-care expert

Natalie Love Cruz is an Afro-Latina personal chef, herbal alchemist, and self-care expert. She has facilitated workshops and retreats helping women of color recognize the importance of self-care and wellness empowerment.

Natalie has taught cooking classes ranging from in-home private lessons to group classes with young adults who have aged out of foster care. She is also the creator of the planner "Self Care Cues: Just Do You!" which focuses on integrating self-care into every day living. 

On her days off you can find her whipping something up in the kitchen or writing her Substack newsletter, Food For Thought. which is where she writes about food, society, and identity



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